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UI Concept Collection

Concept UI

UI Concept Collection

My collection of 2-hour UI Design Challenge pieces

Future Magazine

Magazine cover featuring the first flying car on glass interface. Inspired by Detroit: Becoming Human.

The spacing and soft, neutral colors allow for breathing space. The fonts and use of shadows give a futuristic and glassy look. This exercise was an interesting practice on creating a focal point and giving readers a quick preview of a headline piece.

UX Audio Podcast

Audio podcast "episodes" and "playing now" screens. In this daily UI challenge, I attempt to capture the essential features that a user would need to navigate a mobile podcast app.

I chose calm foam green as the primary color and vertical gradient dividers to bring out a unique simplicity look.

Thermostat Mobile UI

In this daily UI challenge, I play with a circular slider combined with gradient colors as temperature indicators. I tackle this challenge in an attempt to create an interaction that needs no explanation to how a user would interact with adjusting the desired temperature settings.

NBA Playoffs

Hover effect to highlight matchup. Dark UI seems to be trending as people find themselves on the web late at night.