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What does UX Design mean to me?

UX Design is human-centered design in the user’s perspective. I create solutions by strategically eliminating barriers and promoting wayfinding.


UX Design is creating nothing out of something.

My Design Process



Who are the stakeholders?
What are the project constraints?
What is working and not working?
What are the desired outcomes?
Why is this important?



What is the competitive landscape?
How can we learn about our users?
What are the kinds of data needed?
How can we collect the data we need?
What are the data telling us?



Who is our hero user?
What is his/her story?
What is the user flow?
What are the pain points?
What are the How Might We questions?


Ideation + Testing

What are the best ideas?
What are the environmental implications?
Is the flow of the design logical?
Do we have all the information needed?
How can we test this?


Prototype + Testing

How can the design be built?
What are the elements that users interact with using their senses?
How are users using the prototype?
What are the feedbacks?



Can users optimally use on their chosen platforms?
Is there a plan to continually track KPI's and make improvements?
Are reiterations necessary?

Coffee or tea

Collaboration over competition

Let's chat!

If you’re working on something exciting lately,
let’s grab a coffee or tea, what do you say?